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Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include 50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include 50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm
Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm

Large Image :  Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include 50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JIUJIU
Certification: ISO9001:2000
Model Number: 6inch*400mm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Detailed Product Description
Flange Size: 6 Inch Material: Galvanized Sheet
Carbon Type: Granular Carbon Filtration Efficiency: 95%
Service Life: 1.5-3 Years CTC: 55%
High Light:

charcoal air purifier


carbon air filter hydroponics

-Removes all smells/odours when used with fan through activated carbon.
-The Pro carbon filters(50MM carbon bed depth) in a variety of sizes to fit 4" 5 " 6" 8 " 10" 12 "fans.
-53% Open area custom mesh for maximum airflow.
-100% Virgin activated carbon, 4mm columnar carbon or light granulated carbon.
- Aluminum flanges weight is light, and it looks beautiful. The colour usually are silver,light green light pink also can be OEM orders.
- Pre filter set is included and also have other colours or to undertake OEM orders.
-1.5-3 year life span.
-our company is the important Pro carbon filter exporter for USA. and Europe market.


ITEM Configuration Size
Carbon bed depth mm granulated Carbon
weight kg
4"-150MM 4"X150MM*200MM 50 1.23 2.4/2.75 280
4"-200MM 4"X200MM*250MM 50 1.5 2.75/3.1 370
4"-250MM 4"X250MMX300MM 50 1.9 3.2/3.7 470
4"-300MM 4"X300MMX350MM 50 2.4 3.75/4.3 560
4"-400MM 4"X350MMX400MM 50 3.2 4.6/5.1 750
4"-450MM 4"X450MMX500MM 50 3.7 5.1/5.6 840
4"-500MM 4"X500MMX550MM 50 4.2 5.6/6.2 940
4"-550MM 4"X550MMX600MM 50 4.6 6.2/6.9 1030
4"-600MM 4"X600MMX650MM 50 5.1 6.7/7.4 1120
5"-200MM 5"X200MMX250MM 50 2.3 3.4/4.1 400
5"-250MM 5"X250MMX300MM 50 2.87 4/4.7 500
5"-300MM 5"X300MMX350MM 50 3.45 4.6/5.2 600
5"-400MM 5"X400MMX450MM 50 4.6 5.8/6.8 1200
5"-450MM 5"X450MMX500MM 50 5.3 6.6/7.5 1350
5"-500MM 5"X500MMX550MM 50 5.75 7.1/8 1500
5"-600MM 5"X600MMX650MM 50 6.9 8.3/9.1 1800
6"-250MM 6"X250MMX300MM 50 3.1 4/5.1 530
6"-300MM 6"X300MMX350MM 50 3.65 4.6/5.7 640
6"-350MM 6"X350MMX400MM 50 4.2 5.52/6.5 750
6"-400MM 6"X400MMX450MM 50 4.8 6.5/7.3 850
6"-450MM 6"X450MMX500MM 50 5.4 7.6/8.4 960
6"-500MM 6"X500MMX550MM 50 6 8.7/9.9 1070
6"-550MM 6"X550MMX600MM 50 6.6 9.8/11.1 1170
6"-600MM 6"X600MMX650MM 50 7.3 10.9/12.2 1280
6"-950MM 6"X950MMX1000MM 50 11.6 15.7/17.2 2030
6"-1000MM 6"X1000MMX1050MM 50 12.3 16.9/18.4 2130
8"-350MM 8"X350MMX400MM 50 5.4 8.1/8.8 830
8"-400MM 8"X400MMX450MM 50 6.2 9.4/10.6 950
8"-450MM 8"X450MMX500MM 50 7 9.4/10.6 1070
8"-500MM 8"X500MMX550MM 50 7.9 10.6/12.2 1190
8"-600MM 8"X600MMX650MM 50 9.3 11.8/13.3 1425
8"-1000MM 8"X1000MMX1050MM 50 15.6 17.7/19.3 2375
10"-550MM 10"X550MMX600MM 50 8.9 11.7/13.3 1510
10"-600MM 10"X550MMX600MM 50 11 11.7/13.3 1650
10"-950MM 10"X950MMX1000MM 50 17.5 23.7/25.5 2610
10"-1000MM 10"X1000MMX1050MM 50 18.45 21.5/23.5 2750
12"-500MM 12"X500MMX550MM 50 10.3 12.5/13.6 1600
12"-600MM 12"X600MMX650MM 50 12.4 15/16.3 1920
12"-950MM 12"X950MMX1000MM 50 19.7 27/28.6 3040
12"-1000MM 12"X1000MMX1050MM 50 20.8 28.8/30.5 3200
12"-1150MM 12"X1150MMX1200MM 50 24 34/35.9 3680
12"-1200MM 12"X1200MMX1250MM 50 25 35.6/37.7 3840



50mm carbon bed, granules carbon is mainly for U.S.A, Canada sales;


Loading more carbon, light weight, IAV more than 950mg/g,
3Pro carbon filters(50MM carbon bed depth) flange has aluminum and chromed one. Good out appearance, flange could be directly connected with fan, also could be connected with outlet of fan. Flange base is conic design according to aerodynamics principle, which makes full use for base carbon. Besides, under flange is plastic seal. After half year using time, unfolding screws fixed flange and base to switch position for flange and base. In this way, base carbon could be full used and extended filters using life.
Pro carbon filter mesh provides 53% open area. Non glue eco fabric as pre filter, good permeability, thinner fiber and good filtration.



What are the advantages of JiuJiu company’s granulated activated carbon ?


JiuJiu .Pro carbon filter factory’s granulated activated carbon is a porous carbonaceous materia, it’s pore size is 2-4nanometre, it will attract and lock the odour smell and gas. it has a highly developed pore structure,it’s a very excellent adsorbent. each gram activated carbon’s adsorption area equivalent to eight tennis courts. while the adsorption effect is by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption,. it’s composition material. it contains a small amount of hydrogen nitrogen oxygen and ash,which formed by a six-carbon ring sgructure and the six ring carbon irregular arrangement resulting in a microporous activated carbon high surface area characteristics.



Customized logo design available on Pre-filters


Our Pro carbon filter factory equips environment friendly Pre-filter with 15mm thickness and super thin PE fiber, which is no glue, recyclable, 95% efficiency and with air flow rate 4200m/s. Completely satisfying filtration requirements for Pro hydroponics carbon filters. We will print your own special LOGO by heart as per your requirements. If your LOGO is only by consisted of color chips, we could print 3 kinds of colors. Try to let clients remember your products and be your fans after using your products.


Returned around carbon filter


Has your carbon filter been made full use? Oh, no, air could be lazy, it goes through near, at this time, right, from base, little air goes here, base part carbon will become ornaments, then how should we do? Check JIUJIU Pro carbon filter factory design, flange and base are reversible. Unscrew flange and base screws by screwdriver, get down flange and base, look, still a complete carbon filter, then mounting base plate on before flange position and mounting flange on before base position. Perfect, in this way, the carbon filter could be used for another several months.



Activated carbon filter structure is simple, perforated filter mesh or expended filter mesh outside, between filter mesh is activated carbon pellet/granules, flange is mounted on one side and base is mounted on another side. But, it is not very easy for Pro carbon filter factory to produce perfect activated carbon filter. In order prevent carbon pellet from being out and keep airflow, JIUJIU Pro carbon filter factory equips linings with special treatment. Flange size is matched with fan inlet size, which is directly connected with fan and could be without ducting pipe. Base design of activated carbon filter is conical type, which complies with air dynamics principle and makes max air flow. Base part activated carbon could be made maximum use to purify odor smell and expend activated carbon filter use life. Whats’ more, flange and base position is reversible, in this way, base part carbon could be made maximum use.





Aluminum flange color instruction;


JIUJIU Pro carbon filters aluminum flange could be several colors, such as red, black, blue, cyan, green etc, which could be matched with logo color, outside pre-filter elastic belt also could be made related color. Carton package color also could be printed same color, your good ideas, please let JIUJIU help you come true.


Suited fan instruction;


The flange could be connected with standard fan air outlet in JIUJIU Pro carbon filter factory, which could save ducting and clips, meanwhile, save space, if your fan air outlet size is a bit different with ours, we could change ours, if only you send us your fan outlet, we will do perfectly.


Pre-filer elastic belt design;


Our activated carbon filter equips quality elastic belt with 2cm width to fix both sides of pre-filter, which help fix pre-filter on activated carbon filter tightly and ensure air flow pass through pre filter completely. Elastic belt color could be matched with your logo, such as green, white, red, blue, yellow etc, thought not too big quantity, we could customized for your brand. If order quantity is a bit bigger, elastic belt could embroidered logo, JIUJIU Pro carbon filter exporter, every details will be as per your request, to be prominent for your own design.





Our Pro carbon filters factory every product will have quality inspection, from carbon, every order, we will send carbon sample to 3rd professional authority agency. Every filter will be tested by professionals before packing, mainly for appearance, height and perpendicularity.





Our clients are from USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, France, Germany and Spain, For every client, JIUJIU Pro carbon filters factory will pay our most sincerity, perfect product and special customization is communication bridge for our clients, meanwhile most thoughtful service to help us meet our clients needs. Service program; Honest , Sincerity, Careful and Attentive


Activated carbon refers to carbon organic materials such as coconut shells, shells, coal, bone, wood materials, bamboo materials and so on, after carbonization and then after high temperature activation, rinsing drying made with high surface area, high adsorption force Functional adsorbent. Because activated carbon has developed pore structure and large specific surface area, it is widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense, medical and health, environmental protection, aerospace industry. In recent years, due to serious pollution of decorative materials, activated carbon is used more and more. Formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, favored by the majority of users.
However, due to some hydroponic carbon filters factory for their own interests, shoddy, often carbon raw materials posing as activated carbon to sell, to deceive users, harm the people. Now the difference between activated carbon and raw material carbon is as follows:
1 The raw material carbon is carbon raw materials isolated from the air dry distillation of carbonization products, also known as carbonized material, can only be called carbon, not called activated carbon. Because there is no developed pores and high surface area, do not have the activity, only the raw material carbon by high temperature 850 ℃ - 1000 ℃ activation, can become activated carbon. Therefore, the raw material carbon is the semi-finished product of the activated carbon, basically has no adsorption ability.
2 The raw material carbon without high temperature activation, do not have developed pores, so its weight is much heavier than the activated carbon, generally 0.65-0.9ml / g, the proportion of activated carbon is generally 0.32-0.55ml / g or so, the more light the quality of the more Well, of course, manufacturers have higher production costs.
3 hydroponic carbon filters factory by means of laboratory testing to distinguish between raw materials and activated carbon. Good or bad test of activated carbon can simply use iodine value adsorption and carbon tetrachloride adsorption (referred to as CTC adsorption value) to determine. Carbon tetrachloride adsorption activity of activated carbon, the higher the value, on behalf of the better adsorption of activated carbon. Iodine adsorption value of reactive carbon micropores developed degree, the higher the value, on behalf of the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. Therefore, in the activated carbon industry, we determine the difference between activated carbon and raw material carbon as follows:


ITEM ITEM High quality activated carbon Common activated carbon Raw material activated carbon
Iodine value 800mg/g—1600mg/g 500mg/g—700mg/g 100mg/g—400mg/g
Carbon tetrachloride(CTC) 60%—130% 30%—40% 5%—15%
Proportion 0.3—0.4ml/g 0.45—0.55ml/g 0.65—0.8ml/g

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm 0

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm 1

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm 2

Granular Carbon Filter Hydroponics Include  50mm Carbon Bed Depth 6*400mm 3


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