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carbon bed depth 50-65mm carbon filters

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-Removes all smells/odours when used with fan through activated carbon.

-The carbon filters in a variety of sizes to fit any fans.

-Flange is a separate package,the screw and the gasket are  removable. The right size flanges for a filter are alternative.

 -70% Open area custom mesh for maximum airflow.

-100% Virgin activated carbon, 4mm columnar carbon or light granulated carbon.

- Galvanized sheet flanges colour are black, blue, green or OEM.

- Pre filter set is included and also have other colours or to undertake OEM orders.

-1.5-3 year life span.

-Hot in North America market.     

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Hydroponic carbon bed depth 50-65mm carbon filters

There are 50mm and 65mm carbon bed depth of green house carbon filters,
Carbon bed depth: 50mm, 65mm
Outside diameter: 275mm, 388mm. (the pre-filter not included)
Flange for 50mm carbon bed depth: 4 inch 6 inch (small) flange.
Flange for 65mm carbon bed depth: 6 inch (bigger) 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch
Material: 4mm pelletized carbon
Equipped with sealing strip and six removable screws.
Larger surface area, good adsorption, not easily broken and less ash, long service life span.
Mainly exported to the USA and Canada.

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