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Inline duct fans

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Inline duct fans (also known as “UFO fan”) are a new type of ventilation equipment can be connected to standard pipe (inlet and outlet Size 100-315mm). With low noise, high static pressure (350-830PA), small size, convenient installation, light weight, and so on characteristics.
Apply to hotels, restaurants ventilation, which can be installed on the pipeline front, middle and the end for the relay pressure.
The hosing is made of high quality cold-rolled sheet or galvanized sheet, with excellent corrosion resistance. The air inlet is designed according to aerodynamics so as to facilitate turbulence entering blade wheels.  The size of air inlet is the same as air outlet. It's easy to install. Air inlet and outlet cover are connected by screw for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Impeller: GDF 100A, GDF125A, GDF150A, GDF160A circular duct fan with new plastic impeller diameter is 190mm; GDF200A, GDF250 using new plastic or metal impeller, diameter is 250mm; GDF315A circular duct fan made of metal, diameter is 280mm. All the above mentioned impeller is backward inclined. The impellers fit well with the housing in normal operation, large air volume, high efficiency, low noise. The impeller and the outer-rotor blower as drive motor of impeller hub, efficiently cooled by air, can prolong the life of the fan.
With external rotor single-phase asynchronous motor, the characteristics of the motor is that the impeller directly mounted on the motor housing. The motor housing drives motor by rotary.  The motor integrated with the impeller, reasonable structure、small volume、 saving installation space、light weight、 smooth operation、high efficiency、and long service life.
Made of ABS materials contain fire retardant component, the junction box has good fireproof performance. Installed in the outer surface of the machine, wiring, disassembly is very convenient. 

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