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Activated carbon air filter

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  Carbon filter cartridge  can remove the gas in the air pollutants (such as odors,corrosive gas,toxic or harmful gasses,ozone,nitrogen oxides,carbon monoxide,fluoride and chloride ),effectively improve the air quality (IAQ),and protect personnel health and improve the quality of the products,widely used in various concentration purification system.
  Carbon filter cartridge installed in a special framework ,several carbon cartridge to form a filter unit ,then several filter unit assembled into chemical    filter segment.Carbon cartridge’s metal shell can be reused ,which greatly reduces the operation cost .
※Using  galvanized body or  stainless steel, could  be reused
※Using high-quality virgin activated carbon, the effective removal of the air smell and harmful gases
※Providing the plate to fix the filter, easy to install
※Suitable for HVAC systems, DCS rooms and any filter units (FFU) with their own fans.
 Activated carbon filter adsorption capacity:
  Nitrogen hydride: ≥6.6% (mass ratio)
  Toluene: ≥200% (mass ratio)
  Nitrogen: ≥10.0% (mass ratio)
  Trichlorethylene: ≥20.0% (mass ratio)                                                                                   

Physical properties:
  Moisture: ≤4%
  Hardness: ≥95%
  Bulk density: 480 kg / m3
  Nominal particle size: 4mm
  CTC: ≥ 60%
  Ash content: ≤12%                                   
Carbon layer thickness
Carbon content
Total weight
resistance@air volume
HACT-330 Ф145×330 20 1.5 3.4 135@225
HACT-405 Ф145×405 20 1.8 3.9 110@225
HACT-480 Ф145×480 20 2.2 4.6 90@225
HACT-600 Ф145×600 20 2.7 5.4 70@225
25mm carbon layer or other length of the carbon tube could be customized according to customer requirements.
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